BB déo


BB déo Probiotic Detox Deo Mist (35ml)

Daily feminine spray: (not an aerosol, gaz free) for body, intimate areas and bustline. Reduces bad odors without disturbing the balance of the intimate flora. Protects from chafing of underwear, minimise the discomfort of the underboob sweat.

Natural ingredients: Bio-regenerative Orchid, Red Baltic algae with antioxidant and anti-pollution properties, Prebiotics & Probiotics. No aluminum salts or parabens. Gentle, clean, vegan formula. Soothes, detoxifies, moisturises. Gynaecologists & dermatologists tested.

Light unisex scent: Citrus Spicy Woody.

Proven 24-hour odor control: This intimate feminine deodorant does more than cover up unpleasant odors with a strong fragrance—with probiotics, it stops them from forming while regulating skin’s microflora. Its subtle fragrance merges with the skin to leave behind a discreet scent of freshness.

Sustainable packaging: Innovative 96% biobased plastic bottle produced from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. 35 ml compact purse spray.